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This Original B3 was like new. But the 145 Leslie and the JR20 tone cabinet had to be striped and re-finished to match perfectly. Because the customer put it in his beautiful living room. we surpassed his expections. Sold to Deacon Bernie Connly of Lakewood, NJ

Looks like a B3 Sounds like a B3.... But it is one of our Replica cases, We delivered it as a unfinished walnut case kit.  WOW ! ! ! ! Sold to Stuart Berk a contractor in Fort Wayne IN. He finished it and installed the guts from a C3 and matched the Leslie for one of his V.I.P. clients.

Well you saw it on our home page and we dedicated a page to the restoration...           This Original B3 was Painted Emerald Green in High Gloss Paint . And was sold to John Landcaster of the Gary Allen Band. (double click picture to hear him play it) on You Tube.

OVER THE TOP ! ! ! All I can say is we sold it to a VERY FAMOUS PERSON !

We have done 4 high gloss Replica B3 using C3 guts. 3 of them went to churches, This one was sold to Paul Hewitt Music in Monroe LA. and I believe it sold for $15K... We also have sold to many other music stores...  Our prices are so low they can double their money on most deals.

Another one of our Replica Cases, We stained and clear coated it, installed C3 guts... Sold to a gospel Church in Indian Head, MD. Just a few minutes from DC. The band members and the board members all showed up for the delivery.... Look at the smiles on their faces in the picture I took with them... They loved the way it looked but said it even sounded better.

I would say our Replica Cases are as good as the Originals ... But I cant !   THEY ARE BETTER !

See the reflection of the wall hanging on the top ?  Check out how rich the grain is ! All parts are cut on computerized Milling machines from the highest quality kiln dried hard woods  and we finish them the old fashion way..."BY HAND"... We have sold many of these all over the world. This one was sold to a Organ Tech in Nashville.

C3 Chop and Leslie 122 sold to Jeff Dysinger AKA bluesman touring with originals out west.... You can double click the picture to hear him Play it on You Tube

Color Changing Metal Flakes on Blue...it was trippy to see it twinkle in multi colors... The flakes are sliver but change to different colors depending on angle and light... these flakes on black are outrageous... sold to a professional touring on the East Coast and US

We have sold unfinished and finished Replica cases all over the world this case is a hard wood called popular, idea for painting and high gloss finish.

A100 Sold and shipped to Germany

This B3 and Leslie got re-built and re-finished... sold to a church in Lansing MI